Lukiskes square Memorial, Vilnius, Lithuania

Memorial to the Lithuanian freedom fighters proposal.

To build a sculpture containing a hill as a piedestal for citizens and concrete hillside of abstract underground forest

meaning nation past. 

Forest motif is a link to place where  freedom fights were fought.

Concrete abstract forest wall is facing former KGB headquarters where freedom fighters were held, tourcherd and killed.

Memory space is created in between the wall and the building . Nicknames of freedom fighters are engraved both on the plinth of KGB headquarters and memorial wall. 

Hill serves as a national reminder of the historical castle hill, ancient burial mound, fortification element also as ideologiclly oposite piedestal compared to traditional Soviet Lenin sculpture which was removed from the square in 1991.

Sculpture would flow into the square and continue with meadows and paths which in turn would compliment and differentiate urban landscape.

The visitors of the square, spending time in a public space freely enjoying the day is the best memory of freedom fighters  in the main square  of Vilnius, Lithuania. 

 © 2019 Andrius Labasauskas

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